Our Mission

Kentucky Youth Ministries exist to support, encourage, and resource the youth ministries of the local church in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and leadership development.


  • Evangelism – To provide events i.e. camp, conventions, AIM Trips, that encourage students to commit their lives to Christ.  Provide training in personal and event evangelism for our youth leaders.

  • Discipleship – To provide practical training for students to become life long followers of Christ i.e. Discipleship Training, and to provide resources and training for our youth pastors to disciple new believers.

  • Fellowship – To provide opportunities for students to develop relationships with others students.  To provide youth pastors with opportunities to connect and develop relationships with other Youth Pastors.  Examples- Ministers Retreats, Camps, Youth Workers Training Conference

  • Leadership Development – To provide youth leaders with opportunities for leadership training i.e Youth Workers Training Conference, Kentucky School of Ministry and to train youth pastors in raising up leadership within their youth ministries.