Speed The Light

Speed the Light (STL) resources missionaries and missions organizations to enable them to be a compassionate demonstration of the Gospel. Through STL, students, leaders and churches have the ability to invest in the mission of God and give to a higher purpose.


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One State, One Day, One Offering to Change the World

For a list of projects and opportunities contact Rodney at kym@kyag.org

Link for STL Day graphics and other items to help make your STL Day the best. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m5gm3vieshl2jz9/AAA9jNqbdRXbOZw8AanGCKHla?dl=0

1/1000 STL Challenge

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1/1000 STL Challenge is a simple idea for students to be involved in God's mission by doing 1 thing a 1000 times in a day to raise money for STL. Students can do it individually or as a group. They simply ask people to sponsor them per time they do the idea or through a donation. The following link will give you videos, graphics, and packets for your 1/1000 STL Challenge.


My One Day

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My One Day is a student initiated movement to give their birthday to STL so others can receive hope. It all started with Jazmyn and here’s her story www.vimeo.com/316178986

STL Champions

We’re very proud of students who go above and beyond by giving or raising over $1,000 for Speed the Light.



We are thankful for churches who are our foundation for STL by being a part of the Core 10 (giving at least $10,000 every year).