Fine Arts Festival (FAF) is a ministry of the Kentucky Youth Ministries that offers students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to participate in an annual evaluation in various fine arts categories.


Kentucky Fine Arts Festival March 7th, 2020

@ Campbellsville University

Registration 8:30-9:30 EST

Opening Celebration 9:30 EST

Anticipated Closing Celebration 5:00 EST

What is Fine Arts?

Fine Arts Festival is a discipleship tool of National Youth Ministries designed to “help students discover, develop and deploy their ministry gifts.”

Beginning in September each year, over 65,000 junior and senior high school students begin preparing their entries for the District and National Fine Arts Festivals. Students may enter as many as 68 categories offered in 9 main divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Enterprise, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing.

The Fine Arts Festival program exists to allow students to sharpen their talents as they minister to others. If you have any questions relating to the KYM Festival, please contact your District Youth Director’s office (DYD). Other questions relating to the national event can be directed to the National Fine Arts Festival office by calling (417) 862-2781 ext. 4035 or E-mailing

How Do I Get Involved?

“How”, you ask, “can I get involved in the Fine Arts Ministry when no one at my church even knows what Fine Arts is?” Read below and discover the road to the Fine Arts Festival.

Obtain a copy of a 2019 Official Fine Arts Festival Rules Book. Go to to download the updated rule book.

Pray. Ask the Lord to guide you and teach you during your Fine Arts experience. Remember, scores are not the ultimate goal; what you are doing is preparing yourself and refining your skill so you can more effectively tell people about Jesus.

There are thousands of students across the nation who are involved in Fine Arts. They come from a wide variety of situations. Some come from small churches and some from large churches; some attend a Festival with their whole youth group, and some attend alone. True, stepping out where no person has gone before (at least no person in your church) can be a little intimidating. However, your church may need someone like you to lead the way