Kentucky District Youth Director

Rodney is a true Kentucky boy through and through.  Born and raised on a farm in Kentucky, Rodney was raised in church and heard the Gospel over and over again.  To him, it was a religious ritual about being a good person.  Because of the misunderstanding of the Gospel, he fell into the scheme of things as so many teenagers get caught up in.  At the age of fifteen things clicked in his heart while at Camp Crestwood.  Rodney radically turned his life over to God through a relationship with Christ.  His life was never to be the same.

Feeling the call of God, Rodney prepared for ministry by receiving his B.A. in pastoral ministries and Bible at Central Bible College in Missouri and completed his Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Evangel University.  Rodney served as a director of student ministries in two churches in Kentucky for almost a decade.  Reaching and connecting students to Christ became a passion in ministry.  Rodney also served as the Youth Alive Missionary for Kentucky, which is a ministry designed to present the Gospel to every student on every campus.  Rodney traveled and spoke to thousands of students in schools about his life story.

Rodney’s greatest accomplishment in life revolves around his wife of 20 years, Amie, and his three boys, Bryce 19, Eli 16, and Chase 14.